DIY: CD collar


It s amazing what you can do with  unnecessary things at home.


This tutorial is really interesting and will give you great idea how to make your clothes more fashionable. 


You ‘ll need : CD , shirt, glue, scarf and scissors.


Follow the steps below!


As you can see first put the CD-s into boiled water. !


Take them out and cut it into small pieces.

With a glue place them over your clothe.



How to achieve this nail design.

Check out this brilliant tutorial on how to get your nails looking super plush and trendy. First off, start with a nail white foundation. Then add dots which you will then join as shown in the pic to create squares. Don’t rush. The results will turn out to be better if you take your time. Once you’ve got your boxes, give them a little tail like in the pic and add a slash in the opposite corner. You’ll get a great looking pattern in absolutely no time! BUT DON’T RUSH! Enjoy! All you need is two colors to get your nails did.