Permit me to introduce you to my fave skirt,


It was given to me by Ifeoma (who you will still see on the blog soon) on my birthday. I reserved this skirt and waited for the perfect occasion to wear it. Then the perfect opportunity came…


I talk a lot.

In my undergraduate days (yes I can type that, am through with my degree exams) my classmate was getting married so she invited me alongside other people. I made arrangements with two of my friends and we chartered a cab. We left campus quite late and set out for the journey. Normally from my school to the next town which was where the wedding was taking place is fourty-five minutes but no she went and booked a venu that’s on the outskirt of Enugu which I wasn’t so familiar with. We took a wrong turn and got stuck in traffic. If you stay in Enugu then you’ll know that the traffic along HolyGhost is crazy. We stayed in traffic for four hours. Few mins later, we saw some of our coursemates who attended the ceremony returning back to school, I called someone and was told that the Bride was about to leave the reception- wedding over. lol

   It wasn’t funny at that time but we quickly looked for the next exit out of the gridlock and made our way to the mall before going back to school.


am shy*


pardon my awkward poses.

IMG_20140719_163102 IMG_20140719_163036

Up till now, the bride has refused to believe that we actually made efforts to come for her wedding.

Has this ever happened to anyone? maybe not wedding, a child dedication maybe or a friend’s party. Drop your comments.


your comments mean a lot to me..

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