ACCESSORY TREND: Reflective sunglasses

street style at new York fashion week

street style at new York fashion week

This right here is the real deal.

Mirrored sunglasses, reflective sunnies, aviator shades, whichever name you call it. whether you’re heading off to some important meeting, having a fun day out in the sun, going to an event or the beach, this look says it all: confident, chic, sartorial connoisseur not taking herself too seriously and just having fun.


They are infamous for the instant cool they give you! They make a huge statement with red lips and there also a great disguise and so perfect for casual looks! Check out theses hot reflective sunglasses look perfect for summer below…

beach-look-mirror-glasses ts3or9-l sunglasses-tren sunglasses-summer-2014 streetstyle OliviaPalermoNewYork

Any shape looks fabulous: aviators, wayfarers,  round, cat-eyed, all of them. In any color: blue, green, red, pink, brown, yellow, grey. When you wear them on a daily basis they’re your tiny fashion razzmatazz.

Khloe-Kardashian-Green-Ray-Ban-Mirrored-Aviators-Her-Pink-Jersey OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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