Accessory Trend: Hair Chains

tumblr_m4chvfARhp1qf2tibo1_500The Hair they say is a woman’s crowning glory..Hair chains are so in and we’ve seen lots of celebrities rocking this trend.The hair chain unlike other hair accessories add an edgy and yet sleek look to your hair. The hair chain reminds me of a Grecian goddess,sooo beautiful.
model 154-450x450   tumblr_mea3v7iPya1qm1ofqo1_500tumblr_mg4d7og2n11rrvreto1_500tumblr_maq20rcN0A1rzw277o1_500tumblr_muj2ptN4VQ1sp275zo1_500

And although these chains fit with the style of Kim Kardashians hair, the average gal typically cannot pull off a head full of chains without making people wondering where the rest of her Cleopatra Halloween costume is. “Your accessory really has to fit the theme you are trying to go for,”tumblr_m4qqs6tcFG1rvw1hdo1_400

If you’re not sure how to choose an accessory — make it match your personality, but also make it balanced. These glitzy chains paired with Kardashian’s severely slicked pony and smoky makes this look quite a statement, but perhaps too strong of one for an event that doesn’t include paparazzi and a red carpet.

Always keep your look simple whenever you are trying out the headchain.

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