Accessory Trend: Turban

Turban is one accessory you can’t go wrong with.. It was pretty huge on the fashion scene in 2011 and still making waves till date. It can be worn with the lily wrap dress or simply with jeans and a T-shirt on a casual day.  Turbans are a great way to make your outfit more interesting and also it’s a great solution to a bad hair day. You can make a turban on your own using a scarf or 1 and half yard of Ankara material.

HOW-TO..386865687_mBKEWHxk_c_largeSee Stylish ways to wear your turban below:turban-header1127b6d0602811e3b3f20a0a7998a9f3_8tumblr_lsijv2eatJ1r0qlffo1_500 tumblr_lmp4cknA7M1qc6nnfo1_500

You can go the extra mile to make your Turban look chic is by adding a brooch to it. It will give your whole outfit a super chic look.




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