Colour Alert: Yellow Fever

This season yellow seem to be gradually making a comeback.From a simple gown down to a red carpet dress or even your accessories,yellow seem to be the go-to colour for that chic look.

check out these fashionable ladies wearing yellow:

tumblr_mwh03a9ZfM1qbzk1yo1_400tumblr_mwtb07Tf6o1qasnrqo1_1280 tumblr_mwurd42orW1qasnrqo1_1280 tumblr_mwy8h4n4h61r2lypno1_r1_500 alicia-keys-27th-annual-aria-awards-sydney-australia-stella-mccartney-golden-belt-gown 960216_324973474308307_1411244514_n 1475782_324973437641644_1718689106_n 1461223_324973517641636_1285190438_n

so what do you think?


your comments mean a lot to me..

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